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BJ's Wholesale Club

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Utica, NY
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  • Quality of Service: 4.5
  • Responsiveness: 5.0
  • Professionalism: 5.0
  • Value: 1.0
  • Flexibility: 5.0

DONT EVER BUY JEWLERY FROM BJs!!!!!!!..not once but twice my diamond fell out of my engagement ring.I was sick about this.I called the store cause i was pissed.the 1st ring had diamond chips and they fell out the second day.The 2nd ring we went bigger and spent more money and within a month that one fell out too.I was even real careful with it.We did also get the insurance on it just incase it happend again.It did!!
I had called the store in Johnston RI where we had bought it from and talked to the stores manager..told him what upset I was..not only did he say to bring the ring back with the reciept for a FULL refund he also gave us a $25.00 gift card for our inconvience.So I have to say that Im very happy about the outcone and how they took care of it.We will still shop there for things,but never ever will we buy jewlery there again that has stones in it.I know its not the stores fault that its whomever they get it from.So ladies and gents..if you dont want to go through the sick feeling of loosing a stone cause it fell out,buy it somewhere else.

  • Wedding: 05/16/2011
Services Used: Jewelry
  • Quality of Service: 4.0
  • Responsiveness: 4.0
  • Professionalism: 4.0
  • Value: 5.0
  • Flexibility: 3.0

Beautiful Jewelry

  • Wedding: 07/04/2008
Services Used: Jewelry