Safari Honeymoons


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By Anne Chertoff
Is the call of the wild calling you? Safari honeymoons are among the top choices for couples looking for a bit of adventure. And just because you want to be one with nature doesn’t mean you have to rough it. A wide variety of luxe accommodations allow you to sleep under the stars, observe wild beasts in their natural habitats and enjoy a range of amenities including spa treatments and fine dining.

Not sure what to pack for a safari honeymoon? Make sure you bring an excellent pair of walking shoes or boots, especially if you plan on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Since you’ll be out all day in the hot sun shorts and short-sleeved shirts will keep you cool. A hat, sunglasses and a sunscreen with high UV protection will protect you from the sun’s rays. Women may want to pack a sports bra, which may not seem sexy for a honeymoon, but will come in handy if you’re planning on hiking and participating in outdoor sports. Nights can get cool so a wrap or shawl at night will keep you warm. Remember to check about laundry services at your lodge so you can pack lightly and wash clothes every few days.

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Sanctuary Retreats  
With luxury safari camps and lodges in Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, Sanctuary Retreats offers couples an intimate experience in the world’s most exotic destinations.

Couples can stay in a lavish suite and enjoy a variety of amenities, including soaking in a private bath under the African sky, game drives, wildlife sightings, and at two locations take a private walk with elephants. If you decide to book your trip to Sanctuary Swala in Tanzania you’ll enjoy unbeatable views from the infinity pool, located near a watering hole with an array of wildlife settings.