5 Ways Destination Weddings Can Be Affordable


While the idea of jetting off to an exotic location to tie the knot might sound pricey, many couples are actually surprised by how budget-friendly destination weddings can be. Not convinced? Here are some of the biggest reasons destination weddings are more cost-effective than you might have thought:

Built-In Beauty:
Having your wedding in a naturally beautiful setting means you can streamline your decor and still end up with a breathtaking scene. With a backdrop is of turquoise water or majestic mountains, you don’t need to get as elaborate with your flowers, furnishings, and other decorative elements as you might in a more traditional location.

Fewer Guests:
One major perk of a destination wedding is that you can get away with a trimmed-down guest list without hurt feelings. Including only your nearest and dearest in your celebration is one of the most effective ways to cut down on costs.

Flexible Timing:
Since all your guests will already be on location, you can get married at an untraditional time - say, on a Friday night or a Sunday morning - without inconveniencing anyone. Venues and other vendors often offer lower rates outside of peak hours, so your budget can go further.

Packaged Deals:
Many resorts offer wedding packages which include a range of services and amenities for one discounted rate. This all-inclusive approach tends to ease the stress of planning long-distance and is typically easier on the wallet than booking services individually.

Off-Season Discounts:
If you plan a wedding in a tropical climate during the winter months, you can purchase items like bridal accessories (think white peep-toe shoes) and favors (think flip flops for dancing) at great end-of-season discounts. And since your beloved bridesmaids are shelling out extra cash for travel expenses, you can save them some money by choosing off-season dresses for a fraction of the cost.