Sewing beads on a veil... anyone try this?
Has anyone tried to sew beads (small) on a veil? Are there any tricks?

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Go and look at veils. The ones I've seen have a running stitch or a ship stitch. I would just go and look at what you are thinking of doing and see how they did it.
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There are lots of "tricks". It depends on the type of bead you are using and the design. If you have an idea of what you want I would be happy to tell you what I would do.

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I tried sewing a few beads on a sample piece of tulle - the tulle was just so wiggly and I was afraid of snagging it, or making a hole in it. They were tiny glass beads, some round, some small tubes... playing with designs right now. The thread I was using was opalescent (almost like plastic) thread and silver thread. Any suggestions to not wreck the tulle would be appreciated!
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Draw your pattern on tissue paper and pin it to the tulle. You can stitch through the tulle and paper it will be easy to stitch, but then you have to be very careful tearing the paper away when you are finished. If you just pin or thread baste close to the pattern you can just stitch on the tulle just don't pull the thread too tight. If you are using monofilament thread there are two ways to do it. Use short lengths - about 18" (longer and it will drive you nuts) or thread your needle right off the spool and use a running stitch - you'll have to pull the thread off the spool as you go along and straighten it out when you finish before you cut the thread. The later works if you are just running a simple row or two of beads.
I have pics of a veil I did for my cousin's daughter during the process. I have to search for them - my computer crashed and I have the pics but it will take me a little while to find the ones I want. I'll get back to you.
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OK I found them. I hope this helps. If I can be of further help let me know - here or PM me.
If you are going to run rows of beads like this (the beads right next to each other)the best way to keep them straight is to anchor your thread put 4 beads on the thread, lay them on your pattern put the needlethrough the tulle and come up between the second and third bead and then go through the third and fourth bead, add 4 more beads and repeat the process. I'll see if I can find a link to a drawing for you.

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Wow, now I see why veils can be so expensive...
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Take a look at this - it shows what I was trying to explain except they use 3 beads instead of 4 - both work.

@Erica - yes! It is very time consuming and careful work. I probably had a good 40 hours in beading that veil (I didn't keep track because it was a relative). It was a labor of love.
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I was seriously considering making a veil myself because all of them are so expensive. I want bead work along the edges of a 2 teir elbow length veil BUT after reading these posts I'm thinking I might be better off just buying one! lol
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LOL @BritNhe I know what you mean - it looks so simple just a few beads on a flimsy hunk of tulle - how difficult can it be? I have been doing this for many years and I still get frustrated with it at times. It takes mega patience.

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Artisticveil - thanks so much for the ideas and tips. I'm going to give it all a try one of these nights. I'm trying to do this for my daughter - and I have time (a year!) - my labor of love! If I can't make it look nice, I'll keep you in mind! Very nice of you to share your ideas and helps. It's appreciated!

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I have one thing to add:

My mom was going to make mine until she found this site. My plain one was $7.99, but they also offer ones with either pearls or rhinestone embellishments.

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thanks meredith, will keep it in mind, if I totally crash an burn!
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Glad to be able to offer some help. I didn't read through all those links I gave you and just thought they might suggest you put your fabric in an embroidery hoop - Please DON'T. It will distort the shape and most likely snag the tulle.
I'm glad you have lots of time. Pick up some cheap beads and tulle at Wmart and practice. There really is a difference in tulle. The cheaper stuff is stiff and will tear very easily. My supplier only sells in large bolts but, I have another place where you can buy by the yard and the quality is excellent. If you are going to spend the time to bead it do it on good quality tulle - your labor of love will become a family heirloom. I think. I'll get the link and post it. I really miss my "Favorites"
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That's not it. I'll have to look in the studio tomorrow and see if I can find it for you.
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I was close...
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This will take you to the correct page

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thanks again for all your help... I'll let you know how I do!

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what i did with mine is string the beads on really thin fishing line with a big bead on the start, then after the beads were threaded(make sure to end with a big one too). i sewed the big bead, stitching through the hole in the bead onto the ribbon(that came with the veil), after that first bead was sngly sewn, i just looped around the rest of the beads until i got to the end.

that is my veil and head band, hopefully you kinda get what i did.

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thanks Sheila - It's certainly worth a try. I get your idea - it's a good one! I appreciate your help!
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