For those who made seating chart posters...
What size font did you use before blowing it up? I am drafting one now in Publisher and it doesn't seem like I will have enouh room for all of the names. Did you make it on regular
8 1/2 x 11 paper to start?


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Hayley C™
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yep.... I just made it on normal paper... sorry, hubby has the Dell with him, so I don't have the file.... but I think I made it a small font because I knew it was going to be blown up HUGE!!!!

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I made one but havent blown it up yet, bu ti used like a size 8 font

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Thanks Ladies :)

Shannon S.
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We went to a wedding last summer that had one - because it was grouped by table instead of alphabetized by last name (So, Table 1: Joe Smith, Joe Jones, etc), it took FOREVER to find ourselves at Table 10.

So, use whatever font you want, just please sort by name!

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Hayley who posted first helped me out with this!! i used excel and i think i used 7 or 8 font, i did the draft by last name and once the rsvps start to come in i'll finalize it and bring it to kinkos, i called them and they will be able to blow it up.
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