Pool Blue Shirts for the Guys
My girls are getting their dresses in Pool Blue from David's Bridal. I really want the guys in Pool shirts and light tan pants. I went to the Men's Warehouse site (which is partnered with David's) but it seems they only have vests and ties in the Pool, not shirts. I am not against the guys wearing ties specifically, but I don't like the look of a tie without a jacket and our wedding is too casual for all that. I know this is a popular wedding color and I'm wondering if anyone else has found a perfect match in men's shirts or has any suggestions.

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No sorry...my girls are wearing the exact same color and we had to settle for the tux vests too. But the guys are wearing ivory shirts...but i love that shirt you posted....if we were more casual i wouldve went with that for sure!

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I found a lot of blue shirts on the Kohl's site...not sure if any of them are pool, but might be worth checking out. Oh and they have a buy one get one free sale until 1pm tomorrow on a lot of their stuff!

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We ordered ours from Express...the color is Surf Blue!!! It took me FOREVER to find it....I don't see the long sleeve ones on the website now, but there are 2 other styles in the surf blue!! Here is our album so you can see the colors together.... http://picasaweb.google.com/jas0613

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Ok, time to bring this thread back! The JCPenney link doesn't work and Express only has 1 shirt style in Surf Blue, and it's striped. Any other ideas ladies?

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Ok so I am having the exact same issue. My girls are wearing pool from davids bridal. We are getting mariied on the beach in May and the guys are wearing khaki pants but I am having a hard time finding pool shirts... HELP

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I am going through the same ordeal!Thank you ladies for posting on here. I was worried I was only one on a hunt for a pool colored shirt. hah
In doing some research it looks like the beach blue dress shirt at JC Penney and the seaside blue dress shirt at Express are "pool blue." For my budget conscience groomsmen I think I'm going to go with the one at Penney's as they are only $19.99 (the Express shirts are about $50).The Penney's shirt comes with a tie but I'm not going to use them.

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I ordered the pool color swatches from Island Importers and it matches the pool color from David's Bridal. I am getting married on the beach so the linen material for the guys will be perfect. You will have to custom order the pool color though. I have attached the link. http://www.islandimporter.com/home.php?cat=3

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ok...I am getting married in July....was going w/the color malibu and having absolutely no luck, so guess what...today I switched to davids bridal, pool blue...thought that would be easier, now I am reading all this..here comes the stress again

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You can buy some pool blue shirts for Outlet Clothing Store. You can view their selection on their website, but their purchasing system is a bit more complex. You email them, and request for the items and their size, and they will reply to you saying if it’s in stock or not.
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