When to get highlights??
Any tips on when I should go get blond highlights before the wedding? My wedding is almost a month away and I want to make sure that my highlight haven't started growing out yet but also that they have toned down a bit so they aren't super blond looking. I currently have like a dirty blond red hair clolor. Thanks.

PS Sorry for all the recent post on beauty stuff, but thats where I am in the planning process.

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i would have already gotten them. my wedding was in june, i got highlights in march and then got touch ups a week before the wedding.

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i would talk to your hair gal. i have started my hair process now... and my wedding is in september. but i planned it all the way out so that my last apt would be the week b4 my wedding (im a little OCD, march, june, then sept). if you are not going too drastic you should be fine... i would say you might be in for a shocker if you were brunette and are just now putting highlights in. i would call her and ask her what she thinks. she may prefer to wait now till the week before.

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The best time to do it is 2.5 weeks before the wedding. I did ask my hair stylist and that is what she suggested.
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As a hairstylist I recommend 2 weeks prior.

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I was just going to suggest about 2 weeks :) I work in a salon. 2 weeks will allow enough time for your hair to tone down, and if anything needs to be changed, your hair will be "rested" enough that they could do another process on it.

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I agree 2 weeks prior, anymore and I think the roots will start showing - even if just a little. I highlight my hair all the time and when I had my hair styled for New Years it had been 2 weeks and even with my hair up at the sides there was no regrowth.

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I am also a cosmetologist and I agree with hairpro... 2 weeks is a good time!

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My stylist also told me 2 weeks. I am having my highlights done again tomorrow.

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