Differences between Bridal & Wedding showers? Help Please
Whats the difference between a wedding shower & a bridal shower? Also whats the difference between the gifts given @ a bridal shower & @ a wedding Shower?

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To my knowledge, the terms bridal shower and wedding shower are used interchangeably and are not two different events. Typically, the BM(s), MOH(s), MOB, and/or FMIL host a shower in the bride's honor. Some guests might get you something off of your registry and some guests might get you items specifically just-for-bride. At my best friend's shower (which I hosted along with the other BM's), she got both things off the registry (household products, etc.) and things for her like scented candles and a gift certificate for a massage.

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A bridal shower, is normally only for women to attend, and it's usually gifts for the bride (like kitchen stuff, linens, house items, money and even lingerie)

Now a wedding shower, typically thrown before the bridal shower(or at least in my family), acts as a sort of engagement party. It's a chance for your entire family to get together and meet the groom to be. In my family no matter what the event title they always give money, so I'm unsure of gift etiquette at a wedding shower in any other cases.

I hope this helps in some way.
Best of Luck.

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I was always told bridal shower is thrown by the women for women. Whereas wedding shower is thrown by anyone and normally invites men and women to the event. The groom should be present if it is a wedding shower.

Gift difference wouldn't be too much. Sometimes during a bridal shower things like lingerie and spa items for the bride are given but normally its still all off the registry so if its there, you can give it.
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