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Reception sites in Westchester County, NY or Fairfield County, CT
Can anyone tell me of a unique (that is, not a standard-issue reception hall or hotel ballroom)reception site that doesn't cost over $30,000? We're getting married in Westchester County, NY, and can't seem to find anyplace affordable for our reception. We love NY Botanical Garden, Boscobel, Tappan Hill, Hammond Museum, and the Wainwright House, but find them unattainable financially. Does anyone know of similar venues with more reasonable price tags, or will we need to win the lottery in order to have our dream wedding? :) Thank you!!!

Married: 05/30/2009
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Married: 08/29/2009
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Mar 17, 2008 at 12:06 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
You might want to check out The Colonial Mansion in White Plains. Also the Colonial Terrace in Cortlandt Manor is very nice(and they include a lot for the money), I'm considering my wedding there. I found some great sites when I googled westchester wedding and westchester wedding reception. Good luck!!
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In Westchester County, NY - The Tarrytown House. Speak with Dave Smith. The Tarrytown House is an Estate. The property is also a Conference Center. The catering facility offers small, medium and large banquet rooms within a mansion type feel and look.

Also, another way to save financially is not offering an Open Bar to your guests. Actually, the Open Bar takes up most of your budget. By offering red and white wine on the table along with a glass of champagne for the toast should take care most of your guests. It also sets an elegant tone to your reception.

Always inform the catering coordinator of your budget. Most catering coordinators should work with you and your budget.

Best of Luck to you both.

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