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What is the most tactful way to ask for money as a gift and not set-up a traditional registry? 2-pt ? below
We are a couple that has been living together for several years, and therefore do not need traditional household items; rather, we'd like our own house! Ideally, we would like to ask guests to contribute to our house fund, which we are actively saving for ourselves. Is there a tactful way to ask for cash instead of setting up a gift registry?

The second part of my question is regarding the bridal shower. If we kindly ask for a monetary donation for the wedding, can the bridal shower run smoothly without the typical gift display, opening and thanking portion?

Has anyone gone the non-traditional route here? Any suggestions?

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I haven't used this (and don't necessarily endorse this site), but a quick google search returned:

Also see this answer:

Hope that helps!

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