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Courthouse Wedding: How to make it classy
I let the important people in my life know that my fiance and I are getting married, originally January 31, 2008. However, with my family and friends being midwest and east coast and my living in Arizona, we had to push it back two months because about 10 people are coming out to support us. So, it went from us having a small 2 person ceremony to something else. I don't want my family to come out for nothing so I'm trying to figure out what to do to make the ceremony memorable and classy, yet stay true to us. I already know that I want a bouquet and I want my fiance and stepson to wear boutinniers. And, if its allowed, I'd love to have candles all over. And my best friends boyfriend is a professional photographer and offered to take photos for free (Thanks, Cecil!) However, I'm stuck after that. I want to know what to do on a serious budget that I can look back at the photos and say, that was beautiful. What can I do?

Married: 03/21/2008
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You should first look into what the courthouse will permit, Make sure how many guest you are allowed, are flowers allowed? I pretty sure you can have pictures, but double check on that. You have to also remember that there maybe other other ceremonies prior of after, and I am assuming they are by appointment, so you may even have a time constraint. You need to do some research and find out whats is and whats not allowed. Have you considered having an officiant come to you? That way you can find maybe even a park or backyard(if you have one) and you can do it there.

Stacie B.

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Jan 27, 2008 at 8:37 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
i agree with the last poster. Research. If allowed bring the candles, also a isle runner, you can get this at a craft store for about $25. I think a back yard wedding would be just great as well, or even consider renting out a VFW post or elks club. These are usually about $100 -$150 for up to 4 hrs. Have a JOP come to you ( they do this all the time) decorate as you see fit. Bring your own food buffet style and have a small cheep very nice celebration!You can hang white x mas lights for a added shimmer, candles on all the tables etc.. You get married right there in the hall.
Best of Luck!
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If you only have a small space to work with and want dramatic candle light, consider Premium Soy Tea Lights. They are in clear cups in beautiful colors and scents. As you can see from the picture, just a few with some flowers and a sparkling holder can make any space elegant. Another option is to have a pretty basket decorated with flowers & bows nearby filled with custom labeled votives that your guests can take with them. We create your personalized label together with your names, wedding date and a background picture that makes it special just for you. Visit my site for other ideas. We're having a clearance sale going on now on gift items and decor. Plus you can use our quarterly discount code resolution15 to get 15% off of your order now through March 31st. Good luck and remember, whatever you do, it's the exchanging of vows and the love between you and your fiance that will be the most memorable in the end.


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