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Looking 4 photos of Bridal Fresh Floral wreaths with veil
Following in the tradition of my Mom and older sister. I will be wearing a ring of fresh flowers in my hair with a long veil attached to it. My Mom made me a mock up in silk flowers to show the florist for size and shape, but I haven't been able to find any pictures online. I can't be the only bride out there that still wants to wear a floral wreath in her hair, am I? Has anyone come across any good sites that show floral headpieces?

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I design floral headpieces all the time.
There are some lovely books out by Paula Pryke that have the traditional English garden style. you can probably find these at Barnes & Noble or the library under floral design.

If you contact me at my website,
I will be happy to send a couple pictures to you. I have several in my portfolios.
If you are in so. Cal I would even be happy to design it for you.
Just let me know you are a wedding wire bridein your e-mail.

As a general rule most of my brides have a removable veil that is on a comb that they palce into their hair and then have the wreath set over this.
You can do a solid circle, a half or even one with festive legths of ribbon.


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