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Anyone know approximately how many slices of cake you get from a 6" tier? 8"? and 10"?
I'm trying to make my best educated on my budget and am trying to figure out how many tiers I will need to order. This is a destination wedding and the cake will be provided by the hotel, so I have basic prices and know they come in the above mentioned sizes. Right now I could have anywhere from 50 - 80 people coming and I'm trying to estimate how much two tiers will feed vs. three. Thanks for your help!

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Cater It Simple
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This is the chart I go by when determining servings on a cake:

here is a pictorial from my website on how to cut a wedding cake to achieve those servings: This is MUCH better than the circle-cutting-method normally seen. If you're having a family member cut the cake (instead of a caterer skilled in wedding cake cutting), just print the How-To page and leave it somewhere close to the cake table for them.

BeHitched Weddings

BeHitched Weddings
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My 3 tier was enough for a wedding of 50 people and we still had some to take home. You can take it from there.


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