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Candle Light Ceremony??
I am considering a candle light ceremony and am concerned about how the pictures will turn out. Has anyone had any trouble or success with this?? Also, the wedding will be in October, when the sun doesn't set until about 6:30. We are having a full dinner reception afterward and I am worried about feeding everyone too late. I don't want everyone to be uncomfortable through the ceremony because I'm not feeding them until late....any ideas??

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Well the fact that you state the time of the ceremony on your invite should already give your guests a clue about when the reception may start. So, they can decide if they want to get a little something to eat before the ceremony or not. You've already told them in away that dinner will be late, so don't worry about that aspect. Now as far as pictures will go, speak with your photographer. They need to know this ahead of time and will give you any suggestions, if they have taken those kinds of pictures or not.

Reyna (Renee')

Aug 08, 2008 at 9:34 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
YOu have carefully planned everything and it all soundg great. i was married Sept 1, 2007 and had a candle light ceremony. I also used dim lights in the church and in the reception area over buffet, so people could see what they were eating. A good photographer should be able to capture what you need in all pictures. But have the lighting option avaiable with you wedding cordornator so they can make the adjustment in a moments notice, Also during rehersal, if it is about the same time of night you can see what may or may not work. also have the venue adjust the lights in the venue several times and choose days before. Don't sweat the small stuff. Good luck


Palm Beach Photography, Inc.
Aug 08, 2008 at 3:14 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Candle Light Ceremonies are very tricky and require the best in equipment. I would suggest asking to see images from your photographer. Photography requires light. If a photographer shoots in too low of lighting conditions your pictures will be grainy because it requires them to bump up the iso to extreme measures which only very high quality cameras can do...meaning cameras that cost near the $5000 range for camera body only. The other option to shoot in low light is to leave the shutter open for longer times, which means if anyone in the image moves, there will be picture blure. Another option is that the photographer use flash...which can work well if the ceiling is low and they can bounce light off of the ceiling, but that also means a lot of flashing going off during your ceremony. With high or no ceiling the flash will create undesired affect of black background.
Hope this helps. -Tonya Laker

Palm Beach Photography, Inc.

Rev. Carleen Burns

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Aug 08, 2008 at 9:52 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
My cousin and his wife were married in a candle light ceremony; however, it was not by choice. It was due to a major storm power outage at the church. The ceremony pictures turned out awful. They did get power at the reception hall, but not until after dinner, so a candlelight supper, too.
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I design weddings every week.So have seen many candlelight settings
With candle light weddings, dont think just candles!!
Use atmosphere lighting in rich ambers and yellows. Stage the lighting in the ceremony area as if its a stage set. add up lighting and spot lighting.
Make sure before setting your heart on real candles that they are allowed. her in CA. we have so many areas with high fire danger that only LED candles are now allowed.
A good photographer with the right equipment ( digital is great for this) will have no problem capturing the moment.
Dont start the wedding at the point of sunset, start it 20 minutes earlier, in October the shadows will be long and the sunlight softer.
If its indoor, the room will be sufficiently dark for candles to do thier magic.
Have light refreshments for the guests and a cocktail hour and you should do just fine. Guests wont be ready to chew on the furniture, LOL, if given some passed treats and a drink.

have fun!

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Aug 11, 2008 at 7:39 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
This is something, that you truly need to plan very well with your photographer as for dinner, you should state your events in your invitation or with an extra card in there with the details, dont worry about how late, your guests should already know what to expect. Good luck.

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