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Wouldn't it be awesome if your wedding would just plan itself and automatically include everything you ever wanted (even those things you didn't even know you wanted)? Your designer wedding gown would just show up at your house one day, perfectly tailored to your dimensions and measurements. Wedding invitations would be magically mailed to everyone on your guest list (which you didn't have to write of course). And the food at the reception would include all of your favorite items! Yes, that would be nice, but unfortunately fairy godmothers are hard to find these days. A close second however are Philadelphia wedding planners, and they're easy to find with WeddingWire!
Obviously if you're on a budget your first thought is to cut out paying for anything you can do yourself. And why hire a Philadelphia wedding planner? It can't be that hard to plan a wedding, right? Wrong! Even if you can handle calling all your vendors, creating a theme for your wedding and assembling all of the wedding favors, who's going to ensure everyone is where they need to be on the day of the wedding? You can't just go waltzing around in your wedding dress telling people where they should be sitting or standing. This is where Philadelphia wedding planners come in. They can help with as little or as much as you need, even if it's just coordinating things on the day of the wedding.

Yes, you will save money by not hiring a wedding coordinator. Philadelphia brides take heed, however. The old adage, "You get what you pay for," really comes into play with Philadelphia wedding planners. Skimp on hiring a wedding planner in Philadelphia and you could easily end up spending all the money you would have saved on aspirin to treat all of the headaches you'll have to endure.

If you're convinced that a wedding coordinator is actually a good use of a part of your wedding budget, just remember to be picky when looking for wedding planners. Philadelphia has many wedding planners, so interview each one, and be apprehensive of hiring any planner that:

• Is pushy, and won't listen to your ideas about YOUR wedding

• Doesn't have good taste (always ask to see pictures of other weddings he or she has worked on)

• Has a disagreeable personality (you will be working with her a lot and definitely need to get along)

• Doesn't have any references or pictures to show you

• Won't sign a written contract

• Isn't on WeddingWire

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