You’re Invited!…but when?

Posted by violet on Aug 13, 2012

The other day we received a wedding invitation in the mail. This will be the first wedding (and possibly the only one) we will be going to as an engaged couple and I’m really excited about going. With all of the ideas floating around in my head, it’ll be nice to see an actual wedding, rather than looking at pictures on Pinterest or Google.

Anyhow, we got the invitation in the mail and the front had a beautiful photo of the couple with the phrase “You’re Invited!” The back said something like this…

*Insert Bride and Grooms’ names*
Cordially invite you to the
*Insert venue location*
for the celebration of their marriage.
Doors will open at 5pm
and dinner will be served at 6.

*Insert Address of Venue*

That’s it.

Anyone else notice what was missing there? I didn’t catch it at first, but when I went to send the RSVP card back in the mail, I realized that the date of the wedding wasn’t on the invitation! While I knew that the ceremony was going to be very small and I hadn’t expected to be invited to that…I didn’t expect an invitation with no date! I’m not sure if it was a very severe mistake, or if it was intentional and they just assumed everyone knew when the wedding was…but it took me by surprise.

When I started printing our invitations (over a year in advance…I’m just that ahead of schedule) I quite literally read, re-read, and re-re-read every piece of the invitation before printing it. I also have not printed the actual invitation part yet because we haven’t narrowed down the time details. One of my GREATEST fears is putting something wrong on the invitation…but I never considered something being left out.

While I’m sure that it was an honest mistake (although one they will be receiving a lot of phone calls about, I’m sure) I also know that it made me take pause and check (and re-check) our invitations to make sure they were okay.

Did you have an invitation catastrophe such as this? What would a bride do in this case? Send out another note with the wedding date on it? Call everyone on the guest list? I wouldn’t even know where to begin!


We got this in the mail yesterday…

Guess that answers my question! Glad they got everything straightened out and avoided what could have been a pretty catastrophic week of phone calls!