You’re Invited!

Posted by lotus on May 23, 2012

I know I’ve been a crappy blogger as of late, and for that I apologize … I recently started a new job, and we quickly found ourselves with two months to go until the big day, and I’m not quite sure where the time has gone! Don’t fret, I still have lots to share, so let’s catch up shall we? 🙂

About two-and-a-half weeks ago, we mailed our wedding invitations! My (ok, I guess they are our  invitations) were my baby. I spent so much time and effort on these invitations, it was almost scary. Handing them off to the postman, who assured me that yes-he-would-personally-hand-cancel-each-one-himself, was hard but had to be done! But within two days, we were receiving calls and texts from friends and family across the country, oohing and aahing over the invites. I was so proud of them 🙂

And now I am proud and excited to share them with you!

When our guests first received their invites, this is what they looked like:

Yes, I splurged on calligraphy. I just love the way it looks. And I have a friend who does it, and gave me an awesome deal. Yay for friendors! Also, notice the stamp? Totally keeping with the nautical theme 🙂

Next, when they opened the envelope, this is what they saw:

Lining those envelopes took so much work! But ultimately, I loved the way they came out, I think it gave it a nice surprise when they first opened it 🙂

After pulling out the invite packet, this is what it looked like:

I arranged and tied all the pieces together with bakers twine that matched my white/navy stripe theme, and I hung our Mini Moo card from this. I even used a heart shaped hole punch 🙂 I loved our engagement photos so much that I really wanted to incorporate as many as I could! For this, I used one we did at the beach, with our feet and initials in the sand. The back of the Moo card just had our names, wedding date and wedding website on it.

I arranged the cards from smallest to largest because it was more visual appealing, even though it didn’t make sense time-wise, so the first card they saw was actually for the reception:

Then came the RSVP card, which I designed myself on Vistaprint! I used their offer for free postcards, and I uploaded one of our engagement photos, and on the back put the necessary information needed for the RSVP. At the time when I made them, we hadn’t finalized our menu, so I just put chicken and beef — we’ve since added the exact entree choices to our wedding website in case our guests care to find that information first before deciding 🙂

And here is the actual invitation itself!

Oh how it pains me to have to blur things out, it so much less pretty this way 🙁 You get the idea though! I worked with a graphic designer on Etsy (Amanda from EyesWideShut) and she did a truly phenomenal job. I was really impressed with her work and could not be happier with the way my invites came out!

And so, there you have it! Our invites went out on April 21, and now just about three weeks later we already have 78 responses (all yeses!) and just a few regrets! Our RSVP deadline isn’t until June 23, so I know for the rest of this month, and most of next, the rest will continue to trickle in.

So what do you think of my nautical, preppy invitation suite? Did I do good? How much of your invitation set was DIY?