Yellow and Green, Backyard Wedding in Arizona

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 11, 2012

Coley & Shane

August 26


This was a complete DIY wedding at Living Waters Retreat Center in Cornville, AZ. Coley is a painting major, who was made everything in her wedding herself. With the help of her family and friends, she painted all the signs, she built the fence, she acquired and borrowed lanterns to hang from the trees, etc. These two also golf, and so since it was a backyard and DIY wedding, all the groomsmen wore golf type attire, and there were hints of their love of golfing throughout the decor. On their road trip across the United States to get to where their new home would be, they even pulled over and the two hit golf balls into a field somewhere out in the midwest! Shane also played professional basketball in Israel, and so when it came time for them to get the rings, their groomsmen pulled a stunt, where they taped the ring to one of many basketballs and handed them to Shane to find. And at the last minute, these two decided to make their exit, by running off the pier and jumping into the lake! –Daniel Kim Photography

Photographer:  Daniel Kim Photography