Where To Register?

Posted by sunflower on Sep 04, 2012

Hey ladies! I’m going to go ahead and assume most of you are registered for your wedding! Well my lovely MOH, who also happens to be my sister, has been hounding me for weeks to “get it together.” Well, we are already registered with Disney (honeymoon destination) so that our family and friends can help pitch in for our honeymoon, with character greetings, fancy dinners, all the way down to adding rose petals and candles to our room. We thought we were set, we’ve already been living together for a year, we have the usual ol’ toaster and blender.

Now I’ve been told people do not always get you items off the registry, for whatever reason, and it’d be the safer bet to at least register for stuff you need so you don’t get five toasters and seven blenders. Getting FH to understand this idea was almost pulling teeth! But he finally agreed. We decided to take his grandmother along so that she could guide us in the right directionand boy, did she.It was almost overwhelming when we went to BB&B to register. I pretty much wanted the whole store. Did you know, getting a eight-set of flatware (not silverware) was more practical than a four-set? Or that those blenders I was hating on come in eight speeds?! Gosh. I advise you, getting a new updated kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and beyond may be worth it! I couldn’t talk myself into getting a whole new pot and pan set myself, so I  just registered for it. That easy. And after FH registered for his iPad home, it almost took the same effort to get him to LEAVE!