When Orchid Met Joker

Posted by orchid on May 08, 2012

I have been a very busy Bud! Recently, I had to take two HUGE tests to officially become a certified teacher. So I told myself that until after the tests, especially for the week before, I was going to turn off the wedding part of my brain so that all of my energy could go into studying.  So aside from one reception decoration idea, and a very big one at that, nothing in the vein of wedding was accomplished. But the tests are over! So the Bride Brain is back and in full swing!!

In the meantime, I do need a subject to blog about. So without further ado, I give you….the story of how I met the Joker!

Our story starts in October 2008.  My now Matron-of-Honor, Rapunzel, and I made our way to our college’s production of Frankenstein.  We sat in the front row and while I should have been watching the play, all I could do was watch the really cute actor playing Henry Clerval.  You guessed it, it was the Joker.  I elbowed Rapunzel the entire time and whispered over and over just how cute I thought he was.  Well, Garden, I would LOVE to tell you that’s when everything took off for the Joker and me.  That, however, would be a lie.  And is frowned upon in most societies.

I left that night, still thinking about the hot actor on stage, but not putting any more into it than that.  Figuring, instead, I would never see him again.  Three days later, I was talking with my friend, future bridesmaid Belle, and she informed me she was working backstage on the show as crew.  When I told her I thought the actor playing Henry was hot, she told me I should come work crew with her so I could meet him. I wish I could tell you I told her yes and THAT was how we met.  However, that ALSO would be a lie.  And it would still be frowned upon in most societies.  Instead, I told her no.  Because going would make me seem like a crazy stalker.  (After we FINALLY did meet and started dating, I asked him if he would have thought I was crazy for doing that.  He said yes.) Sadly, the production ended without us ever meeting and I pretty much forgot about it.

Flashfoward to February 2009, our college was sending a group of students to Texas for the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival.  And who should be on this trip but the Joker and Me???  We were finally meeting face to face! I wish I could tell you THIS is when we hit it off.  But it was actually kind of the opposite. Mistah J was quiet and shy.  Didn’t talk much.  I was loud and obnoxious, laughing at everything and everyone.  Based on our ying-yang personalities, we didn’t really click that week.  So it surprised me when I found us sitting next to each other in the van on the ride home and he flirted with me the entire time.  He would steal my camera to take pictures, lay his head in my pillow, sprawl across me for naps and just say cutesy things to me.  It was weird and I didn’t know what to think.

One of the pictures he took when he stole my camera. How cute is this face??? What was I thinking, thinking he was weird?

A couple weeks later, the Joker and I were both cast in a production of William Shakespeare’s Richard the Third.  He was very much still the guy he was in Texas, but he was opening up little by little.  And I was, too.  I got to talking to him more and more, which was when I realized we had a couple of classes together.  In those classes, I found myself slowly sitting closer and closer to him and in rehearsals I found myself around him more and more each week.  Days before the show opened, I realized: I had fallen for the Joker.

Another cute photo of Joker. This is how I flirted with him. By taking pictures. Maybe I'm not very good at flirting?

If this were news to anyone, it was only news to me. Turns out the entire cast had been saying for weeks how obvious it was we were smitten for each other and everyone thought we would be perfect together.  But there was an issue:  I was not then, am not now, and have never been a “first move” kind of girl.  I was going to wait for him, which even then I knew would be a challenge.  Mistah J is not only the shyest person in the world, he’s also the SLOWEST mover everrrrr.

Sadly, Richard the Third ended and we STILL weren’t together.  School broke for the summer, and I didn’t get to see him every day any more.  We would Facebook chat whenever we could by writing on each other’s walls, pictures, and statuses, but that was pretty much the extent of it.  I thought about him every day and couldn’t wait to get back to school.  I just knew when we got back from summer, everything was going to be different.

Sure enough, school started again and we picked up right where we left off.  And FINALLY, after a lot of pushing from our friends, the Joker asked me out on our first date.

Taken not all THAT long after we "officially" became a couple. Isn't it cute?? Mistah J used to have braces!

And it’s been happily ever after ever since! Sorry it’s a little bit of a long story, I just feel like every part of it is important!

Did I completely bore you??? Or is your story filled with details you can’t leave out either?

*Sidenote, I think I’ve decided to make each title some sort of pop culture reference.  I wanna see how many of you know as much useless garbage about TV and movies as I do! This is one.  As was my last one.  And, really, I kinda did it with my first actual post, too.  Who gets them???