What’s Your Wedding Program Style?

Posted by Kim on Mar 04, 2013

Photos by (clockwise from top): Lennon Photo; Onelove Photography; Carrie Wildes Photography; RJSTILLS

While having a ceremony program isn’t mandatory, it’s a nice way to introduce your family members and wedding party to your guests, plus explain the sequence of your ceremony. If you do choose to create a ceremony program, you can be as straightforward or creative as you like. Here are some of the most popular ideas:

Board: Instead of having a paper program, many couples are creating large boards (often chalkboards) featuring all of the pertinent ceremony information. The pros: This is a major paper saver and you won’t hear the constant turning of pages during your ceremony. The cons: Your guests won’t be able to take your program home as a keepsake.

Pamphlet or Booklet: The most common program format. You’ll be able to feature as much (or as little) information as you’d like and it makes a nice take-home for your guests.

Fan: Fun and functional, these programs work best at warm-weather, outdoor wedding ceremonies. It’ll help your guests stay cool, but be ready to hear the constant flapping of fans during your ceremony.

Something Different: We’ve seen a wide variety of unique programs, from vintage-inspired newspapers (see above), to nostalgic cootie-catchers, to passport-style booklets.

Are you doing something creative with your ceremony program? Let us know in the comments!