What to Wear: Colorful Shoes

Posted by meg on Sep 28, 2009

One of my favorite ongoing trends for weddings is colorful shoes. What a great way to add a pop of color and personality! It is a wonderful thing to be yourself (dressed to the nines) on your wedding day. There is something very romantic about wearing the shoes in which you danced your first dance every time you attend another wedding or kick up your heels at a party with your sweetie. I myself had my shoes dyed after my wedding (it didn’t even occur to me to buy colorful shoes, so I did the next best thing), and whenever I dance with my husband while wearing those shoes I am transported (even more than usual…Mr. Fox is a great dancer) to the “floating on air” feeling of my wedding day.

Colorful Shoes

Plus, they make for an excellent picture!

Images by Rodney Bailey:

Colorful Shoes Rodney Bailey

Image via Documentary Associates:

Real Wedding Glen Echo

Image via Tinywater Photography

Via Tinywater Photography