What Does Your Cake Style Say About You {Part 2}

Posted by Jeffra on Mar 04, 2011

Yesterday we featured the first four cake styles.  If you didn’t find your match, here are the next four. Do you think your cake style says something about the wedding you’ll have?

5. Modern Chic.

You love the sleek, modern look, with a side of comfort.  You aren’t into a lot of crazy details, but the details you will have will be very trendy, unique, and polished.  Your dress will be a fit n’ flare or sheath style.  The only accent you’ll adorn will be a flower in your hair, or pinned to your dress.

6. Princess Chic.

Your style is somewhere between the sophisticated chic and modern chic bride. You have been planning out your wedding forever – from every last detail, but you also are torn to the trends of shabby chic.  Different than the royal treatment bride, you want to wow the guests, but in a subtle way.

7. Food Lovers.

You are not looking to do the traditional for anything at your wedding – and you’ll start with the cake by not having the vanilla with butter cream icing.  You want to show your guests that you are sophisticated, cultured, and ready to share with them all of our worldly knowledge. You aren’t as worried about the details, as you are about wowing the guests with food and wine.

8. Rustic Elegance.

Who knew that having a rustic wedding could be so elegant? You are all about DIY and using things around you to create the desired atmosphere of your wedding.  On the weekend you can be found at the local flea market grabbing odds and ends that will flow together perfectly. Your reception (and possibly the ceremony) will be at a historic mansion or rustic barn. Your set on creating  an experience that will have your guests, and wedding blogs, talking about your big day for years to come.

{Photo Credits: 1. Romantic Cake | 2. The Royal Treatment Cake | 3. The Artistic Minded Cake | 4. Sophisticated Chic | 5. Modern Chic Cake | 6. Princess Chic | 7. Food Lovers Cake | 8. Rustic Elegance }