What Does Your Cake Style Say About You? {Part 1}

Posted by Jeffra on Mar 03, 2011

When you’re choosing the style of a wedding cake you want, do you think it reflects the type of bride you are?  Pick your favorite cake out of the photos above, and then check out our descriptions.  Does your cake style and bride personality match up?

1. The Vintage Romantic.

You want your wedding to be trendy and capture the true essence of romance – you’ll likely have a famous sonnet or poem read at your ceremony, choose invitations that fit a more romantic, classic style, and sashay around in your vintage empire gown.

2. The Royal Treatment.

You may or may not be obsessed with all of the hype around the Royal Wedding.  Your dream wedding day is filled with sparkling decor, from hanging chandeliers, to crystal and silver.  Your dress will be one that only a queen would wear, and it will make a dramatic statement. In the end, this is your day, and you want everyone to know it.

3. Symmetrically Artistic.

Nothing at your wedding will be anything but unique. You aren’t necessarily a DIY bride, but you want everything from the cake, to your invitations matching your individual artistic style. Although you’re artistic, you also want everything to be perfect and equally aligned. You aren’t one for abstract details. Your guests will be in awe of your modern, plain, sleek gown.

4. Sophisticated Chic.

You are the bride who has browsed all of the trendy wedding blogs.  You are dedicated to making your wedding day flawless and having it be one for the magazines!  Your gown will flow from your hips, with a fitted sweet heart bodice.  Each detail will match your color scheme perfectly, from the flowers to the invitations.

Check back tomorrow for cakes 5-8!

{Photo Credits: 1. Romantic Cake | 2. The Royal Treatment Cake | 3. The Artistic Minded Cake | 4. Sophisticated Chic}