Weddings and Independence Day?

Posted by aruchaevsky on Jul 02, 2009

My Parents Wedding Invitation from Russia

The above photo is the actual invitation from my parent wedding, which was held in Russia.

With Independence Day approaching and our studio feverishly working on dozens of wedding photo montages, I realize that each wedding adds to the already rich tapestry of our country’s history.

My Parents Wedding Day

Our country was founded and expanded by a wide variety of immigrants, who came to this country for a better life, opportunity and prosperity. When I see some of the montages, we create it reminds me that our tradition of growth and development continues to this day, as new couples meet one another, from distant parts of the world and add to the established tradition of our forefathers.

July 4th, weddings are great, both as a celebration of our cultural development and our continued growth as the “land of opportunity” and the melting pot for people around the world and as a union of two people looking forward to spending their lives together.

Have a great 4th of July!