Wedding vs. Football?

Posted by MeganH on Sep 25, 2008

It is something most brides will not think about, but I am sure it has crossed the groom’s mind once or twice. If you have a fall wedding, do you need to work around football season? It is sad, but true. I had a spring wedding for several reasons and one of those reasons was to avoid this whole conversation! If your guy is a football fanatic, and you are sympathetic, you have a couple options:

a. Avoid football season altogether and have a spring/summer wedding,

b. Include his favorite team in the wedding (wear a garter with the team logo or have a groom’s cake made in the team colors), 

c. If you really want to be accommodating, book a reception site with TVs (maybe not the best idea, but some country clubs have a bar area with the games on)

Whatever you decide, at least listen to his opinion. In the end though, this is your wedding day and you still have full veto power! Good luck!