Wedding Heirlooms

Posted by bridalbuds on Apr 11, 2011

I love the heirloom aspect of weddings. The idea of things being passed down over the generations, of being taken out again and polished, reworn, reused, or even just reminisced over.

My parents had a small and simple wedding, put together in just two months. It didn’t have many details and unfortunately my mother doesn’t have anything from her own wedding day that I can use as part of mine. My Nonna’s wedding was even more simple… in Italy, the family was poor, and the her wedding dress and attire was borrowed. Anything left from their wedding day remains in Italy.

I’m having lots of details in my wedding, but when I think of what I can “pass down”, I don’t think I have very much, apart from my cake topper. So I decided that I wanted to have a cake server, engraved with our names and our wedding date. It’s a very traditional piece of silverware to own, but I wanted to own one. I like the idea of cutting the wedding cake with it on the wedding day and then using it for all future anniversary cakes.

I found TheTaffyBox on Etsy, and their customized text and font choices won me over. I chose a modern, stainless steel silver server and a cursive font. I also got matching forks – stamped MR. and MRS., with the date on the handle.

Koryn, from TheTaffyBox, was a real gem to work with. I can’t begin to tell you how patient she was with my requests… the placement of the text, the size of the letters, the font choices…. honestly, I was really spoiled.

By browsing her shop, I was really impressed to see that she also does custom wineglass names – how gorgeous would this be for a wedding?

And now, I’m seriously contemplating gifting Mr. Magnolia with these customized cufflinks with hidden message:

Now *that* would be a unique present for the groom, wouldn’t it?

I highly recommend you take a browse over at TheTaffyBox — you never know what you might find out you can personalize!

Are you into wedding heirlooms? What are you hoping will be yours?