Wedding Flower Consultation – What to Expect

Posted by tkau on Aug 28, 2009
Not only for the bridal party, boutonnieres for family and ushers too

Not only for the bridal party, boutonnieres for family and ushers too

Because each bouquet, centerpiece, and floral arrangement at your wedding is a hand-made, personalized design, it is important to get the most out of your consultation with your florist. Here are some tips and suggestions to help prepare for your floral consultation and what you can expect!

The wedding flowers are usually one of the last vendors couples hire. Which makes sense since the venue, invitations, and dresses will dictate the look and theme of the wedding. Wedding flowers are flexible and can be designed in any way to accentuate the overall theme and look of the wedding. So by the time you meet with a florist, you will know the color scheme and theme of the wedding.

Sometimes it is helpful to bring a color swatch of the dresses or a sample invitation to help convey a specific shade or hue. Other things to bring with you include images from magazines or books that speak to you. Of course looking at all the available bridal magazines can give you a pounding headache! But the pictures can be very helpful to you and your florist. You probably won’t want to copy the pictured design exactly, but they can help convey your personal style and aesthetic as well as an act as inspiration.

An all white peony bridal bouquet

An all white peony bridal bouquet

You don’t need to be on the level of a botanist, but sometimes it is helpful to know what types of flowers you love or hate so the florist will know what flowers to suggest or not suggest! Also he or she will tell you if the flowers you absolutely love will fit within your budget and how to get around it if they won’t. There are usually other types of flowers that might substitute if the florist knows what exactly it is about a particular flower that you love – size, number of petals, color, shape, etc.

Speaking of budget, it is very helpful to communicate how much you would like to spend on flowers. Sometimes couples don’t want to tell the florist their budget because they are unsure or afraid they may err on the high side. Don’t worry about erring too high – actually, the opposite usually happens! For budgeting, it is also helpful to prioritize which types of arrangements you would like to splurge on and which items you could get by skimping. Don’t forget some ceremony pieces can be re-used for the reception and don’t be afraid to ask the florist to suggest some ideas for re-using flowers.

Saving with a rose and sweetpea bouquet

Saving with a rose and sweet pea bouquet

Some venues may have a structure like a gazebo, arch, or large oak tree that can be decorated for the ceremony. Although the florist should either be familiar or take a trip out to see the site in person, sometimes having an image available can be helpful. With so many venues with photo galleries on their websites, just looking online may suffice!

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask your florist any questions on your mind. Some might include:
1. How many weddings do you do a day? Do you have another one on my day?
2. How long have you been in business?
3. Are there any additional set-up, delivery, or break-down fees?
4. Do you offer vase rentals?