Wedding Colors

Posted by lilac on May 17, 2010

Never in my life has color mattered to me so much than now. The closest I’ve ever come to caring about color before was when I decided to paint my bedroom purple at age 12.

Lilac Dude and I are planning a blue and green spring wedding. I’m not sure those colors can be pulled off at any other time of year. Originally, I had a beautiful black and white wedding planned with blue flowers. However elegant that would have been, I got really sentimental when my friend said, “it just doesn’t seem like you unless it’s green.”

We changed our colors in 30 seconds of conversation. I like our palette. My favorite color is green and I’m a little obsessive about it (the hangers in my closet are even green). And Lilac Dude likes blue. So we have our colors.



Like when I decided to paint my bedroom, I found myself back at the paint department gazing at the wall of swatches. I picked out my favorite green and blue swatches and armed with those, I feel prepared to look at bridesmaid dresses, flowers, ribbon and so much more to get just the right shades.

How did you choose your colors?