Here at WeddingWire, we’re always looking for the top wedding trends from around the country. So every week, we’ll ask a group of vendors from all over the U.S. the same question and share their (often very different!) answers.

This week, we asked wedding planners from around the country: What is the hot color scheme in your neck of the woods at the moment? Why do you think this color scheme is so popular right now? What season and/or type of venue do you think this type of color palette would work best in?

Katie Hess of Seize the Day Events in Green Bay, Wisconsin: “Neutral and natural palettes featuring colors like burlap, golds, and champagnes. Brides are moving toward more eco-friendly, natural, and personal weddings – nothing fake or plastic. This color scheme would fit in well in a garden, on a beach, or at a home on the lake.”

Donna Kim of The Perfect Details in Concord, Massachusetts: “The hot color scheme is champagne, ivory, and blush pink. I think it’s popular because it’s classically beautiful and romantic, but not screaming ‘pink’ or ‘feminine.’ I think this color palette works best for a wedding happening on a beach or a vintage setting.”

April Dorsey of The D-Tales in Orlando, Florida: “White weddings are all the rage with my brides in Florida. White is so elegant, romantic, and gorgeous when paired with the right accessories. Adding decor elements with silver metals or crystals and diamonds adds to the elegance factor. White weddings can be modern or traditional. This variety of looks and styles allows a white wedding to work well at any venue, and any time of the year!”

Ashley Fuentes of Event Solutions in Houston, Texas: “Right now we are seeing a lot of vintage chic wedding themes. That means a color palette featuring shades of pink, and neutrals like brown and creams. During the spring, brides love to use softer colors that really allow their flowers to be the focal point without too many overbearing color combinations. The goal is monochromatic with different textures. This color palette works best at venues like country clubs with golf courses, venues with lots of natural light, and simply-designed spaces.”

Jennifer Taylor of Taylor’d Events by Jennifer in Woodinville, Washington: “I don’t know that there is one hot color scheme right now. I know that every year for the past seven years at least one or two weddings I do uses a purple or lavender and sage or apple green combo – truly a classic. My favorite color scheme right now is navy, turquoise, and yellow. Here in the Northwest, we are surrounded by green and purple is a great color, so I think that has a big part to play in the popularity of purple and green. Most of our weddings in the Northwest take place between July 4th and Labor, so I think summer is the best time for these palettes, though different variations could take them into the fall.”

Julie Gambrell of Classic Creations in Denver, Colorado: “The hot color combination for us right now is a neutral tone paired with a bright color. We have several platinum and sunshine yellow weddings this year. This color palette seems to work everywhere, from rustic settings to contemporary museums. Additionally, we’ve seen several romantic, natural-toned weddings in just whites and greens, with a little metallic or bling added in. I think this may be due to the royal wedding.”