We Asked, They Answered: Hot Wedding Flowers

Posted by Kim on Mar 22, 2012

Here at WeddingWire, we’re always looking for the top wedding trends from around the country. So every week, we’ll ask a group of vendors from all over the U.S. the same question and share their (often very different!) answers.

This week’s question: What is the most popular flower for bridal bouquets right now among your clients? Why do you think that particular flower is so widely requested?

Amanda Frankewicz of Alluring Blooms, Madison, Wisconsin: “Our clients are requesting blooms that are full, lush, and ruffly. Peonies and garden roses are an even tie for most coveted flower. I think these blooms are so popular because they make a beautiful impact on their own. Each individual bloom is like a work of art with its frilly petals and lovely texture.”

Bouquet by Alluring Blooms, Photo by The Salty Peanut Photography

Wendy E. Balidoy of Spinning Web Florist, Honolulu, Hawaii: “The mini calla lily has been the most sought-after flower recently, especially for the bridal bouquet. It’s available year-round in many beautiful colors, and they represent simplicity and elegance.”


Bouquet and Photo Courtesy of Spinning Web Florist

Carrie Beamer of Flora Fetish, Austin, Texas: “Garden roses seem to be requested by many clients. I feel that garden varieties win clients’ hearts due to their color options and versatility. They’ve worked well in French vintage and classic glamorous design themes.”

Karen Sheldon of The Flower Suite, Bellingham, Washington: “The ranunculus. It’s available in many colors, including the recently-introduced green ranunculus. They’re a nice compromise to the more densely-petaled peony and more unique anemone, but they have a longer season.”

Bouquet and Photo Courtesy of the Flower Suite

Jeri Solomon of Jeri Solomon Floral Design, Melrose, Massachusetts: “This year, the two most popular flowers are peonies and garden roses. I think they’re so popular because they fit the ‘romantic,’ ‘vintage,’ and ‘rustic’ themes I’m hearing from brides.”

Bouquet and Photo Courtesy of Jeri Solomon Floral Design

Theresa Clower of Theresa Floral Design, Newark, Delaware: “Depending on the season, I would say there are two flowers that are popular right now. Year-round the hydrangea is loved for its timeless beauty and distinct fullness. In the spring months on the East Coast, peonies are frequently requested. This sumptuous flower offers a romantic, feminine look.”

Bouquet and Photo Courtesy of Theresa Floral Design

Lisa Martin of Bloomsberry Floral, Portland, Oregon: “The number one flower I get asked for year round is still the calla lily. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we also get asked for dahlias all summer long – it’s the number-one flower by far for summer and fall weddings.”

Bouquet and Photo Courtesy of Bloomsberry Floral

Victoria Clausen of Romance of Flowers, Reistertown, Maryland: “I think the peony is still topping the list. It’s really hard for any other flower to compete with the lushness, fragrance, color, and relaxed beauty of these gorgeous blossoms. Although, I do have to mention the fact that garden roses are having a major comeback.”

Bouquet and Photo Courtesy of Romance of Flowers

Cori Christensen of Moss Fine Floral, Chicago, Illinois: “I’d say the front runner right now is the peony. My clients are trending toward a more romantic look and thus, fluffy and full flowers are in high demand. Peonies are becoming available for longer periods of time, and there is a strong possibility that they will be available year round in the near future. ”

Bouquet and Photo Courtesy of Moss Fine Floral

Linda Herbert of Lilli-Maeg Floral Specialties, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “I am finding that many of my clients are choosing a romantic, vintage theme for their weddings with peonies at the top of their list for a flower choice.”

Bouquet and Photo Courtesy of Lilli-Maeg Floral Specialties

Alice Norwick of Petals by Alice, Pleasantville, New York: “Roses continue to be the favorite flower requested by brides for their bouquets. Although there are many nontraditional aspects to weddings today, some remain the same – roses are one of these.”

Bouquet and Photo Courtesy of Petals by Alice

Which flowers will be the stars of your bridal bouquet? Let us know in the comments!