Videographer or No Videographer?

Posted by jasmine on Aug 15, 2011

I’m not going to lie, I was anti-videographer in a big way. I didn’t get it when I had heard time and time again from friends and family that their only regret was that they didn’t have a videographer. Why I wondered? Photographers are always a given, but really a videographer in my mind was unnecessary. What could a videographer capture that a photographer wouldn’t? When would we watch it? Despite all  hesitations and trepidation, my fiance and I succumbed to the requests of our family and looked into it. We decided on what we didn’t want. Corny background music, narration/interviews of my guests or montages. The videographers that fell into any of those categories weren’t even a consideration. We were starting to believe that no one was going to measure up to what we had in mind that is until we stumbled upon Fandango Studios. Ram Hernandez owner of Fandango Studios opened our minds to videography that had a level of creativity unmatched by anyone else we had seen and most importantly an eye for capturing the moment. He was able to bring soul to the footage he captured and we were hooked instantly. One of the {many} unique services he offers is the ability to create a video save-the-date, which my fiance and I have decided to do. I’m sure you will understand why we love him when you see these clips.