Valentine’s Day Sing-a-long

Posted by cgarrow on Jan 15, 2010

As Valentine’s day approaches, I thought it might be nice to share an old idea that would be very complimentary to a reception being held on the weekend in which Valentine’s Day falls. This ‘activity’ could be incorporated in any reception, but it seems very appropriate for this time of year.


You might be familiar with the old tradition of tapping your glass with a utensil at your place setting in order to persuade the bride and groom to publicly proclaim their affection with a kiss. Usually, the clinking is instigated by a couple of guests and is infectiously contributed to by the majority of the guests at the celebration. Often, a bride and groom will hold off on the kiss until nearly everyone picks up on the action and the clinking becomes loud enough to take over the party for the moment. In lue of using silverware and china, often a tiny bell in placed on the table for guests to use to make the couple smooch. (I’ve seen many variations of the bell, which can be a fun way to add a special touch to the table settings). The following idea is a replacement for the glass clinking or noise making.

Ask you entertainment to make an announcement toward the beginning of the night that goes something like this, “In order to save the china here tonight and(/or) at the request of the bride and groom, we are going to ask that if you would like to have the happy couple kiss this evening, instead of tapping your spoon on your wine glass, you and all of the guests at your table will have to really show how much you need that kiss. You will have to collectively come up with a song that has the word ‘love’ in it, then stand up together and sing a couple of lines including the word ‘love’. So when and if you have that song ready, just get my attention and we will give you the floor so that you can sing your song and have the bride and groom kiss.” You might suggest that your emcee give an example such as “Hunk of burnin’ Love” by Elvis.

They needn’t sing the whole song or even much of it, just as long as they get up together and shout out the line with love in it. Once a group or two shows the rest how it’s done, it becomes a truly fun and unique memory for the night. You just might be surprised how creative some of the guests get in order to see you smack one on your hubby that special day! Happy Kissing!