Update to WeddingWire.com!

Posted by Brian on May 24, 2007

Hi everyone,

We performed an upgrade to the WeddingWire platform last night, and we hope you like the changes. For this release, we really tried to focus on organizing all of the tools and information that you have at your disposal.

Also, we redesigned ON THE WIRE, and make it easier to use. Hopefully you like the new organization and layout. We wanted to make it easier to find information and get a sense of what was happening in the community. Also, we renamed the “stars” that you get for participation. The new rankings are (from lowest stars to highest stars):

– 1 Star: Newcomer
– 2 Stars: Performer
– 3 Stars: Headliner
– 4 Stars: SuperStar
– 5 Stars: MegaStar

The more you participate, the more stars you get! So let’s see some more Superstars and Megastars!

Vendors, don’t forget: You can also participate in WeddingWire Answers/Discussions/Links.

Also, we are proud to announce the release of WeddingWire Labs. This is a test area for up and coming tools that we are working on for the industry. Everything here is experimental, but please do check it out and let us know what you think. We’ve done a neat integration with Kayak.com (an incredibly cool travel search site). So feel free to use it to find honeymoon flights/hotels and flights/hotels for your wedding guests.

Hope you guys enjoy and keep the feedback coming. We are always looking for ways to improve our features. Shoot us an email anytime with suggestions (suggestions@weddingwire.com).