Unique Bouquets for the Eco-Friendly Bride

Posted by kharrison on Nov 09, 2012

For many eco-conscious brides, non-traditional bouquets are becoming very popular. Brides can use non-floral items such as seashells, fabric and paper to create their own unique bouquet as an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional and more expensive floral counterpart.

Instead of shipping in flowers and increasing your carbon footprint, get creative and use items that can be repurposed after the wedding!

The Vintage Brooch Bouquet

Photo: Weddingbells.ca

Choosing to go vintage is always an eco-friendly option because vintage has already been created. You do not have to feel responsible for purchasing something new that, while in the process of making, has potentially harmed the environment. Begin by collecting brooches that compliment your own personal style. Then, start attaching them to your bouquet to create your own version of a colorful, unique and glamorous bouquet.

Shell Bouquets

   Photo: AllMyWeddingFlowers.blogspot.com

Grace  the aisle with a beautifully-crafted shell bouquet leading the way to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Leave your guests in awe and make a statement as a unique, beautiful and environmentally-conscious bride. The rest of your day will go swimmingly!

Feather Bouquets

Photo: Budgetdreamweddings.com

Want a bouquet that lasts forever? Feather bouquets do just that, unlike the traditional floral counterpart. This non-traditional bouquet alternative can easily be made into nearly any shape, size and color. Choosing to go feather is an avant-garde, couture and eco-friendly alternative.  Make sure to choose sustainably-harvested feathers. Protect the environment and walk down the aisle in style, why not?

Fabric Floral Bouquets

Photo: KottonKandy52 on Etsy

Another long lasting alternative is fabric floral bouquets. These beauties last a lifetime and can be passed down for generations to come. Don’t forget to choose recyclable fabric to make an even bigger impact in keeping your wedding environmentally-friendly!

Paper Flower Bouquets

Phot0: Ecosnobberysucks.com

For the recycling bride, this bouquet alternative is affordable, eco-friendly and can be kept forever to remind you of your special day without special preservation. These easy-to-make bouquets can be used for both casual and formal events and can be exclusively designed to your liking to any theme, color or season.