Ugly Dresses, Tacky Weddings & Horrible Photos!

Posted by Cherry on Aug 04, 2011

I think with wedding planning we can all often get stressed.  Little things can make us just have a meltdown! I found these sites the other day and I plan to look at them any time I am stressed! I wanted to share them with you all so you could have a good laugh! Remember- these are from the sites and not my opinion. Enjoy!

The first one is Ugly Dresses. Next time someone complains about the dress you pick- show him or her this site lol!

The second site I found was

This site says that it has all things heinous, trashy and hilarious at weddings. Here are a few things from the site. Remember- to each his own and when planning your wedding do whatever makes YOU happy.

The last site is Akward Family Photos

What do you think?