Trials and Tribs of Wedding Day Makeup

Posted by meg on Aug 27, 2009

Your dress is dazzling, your shoes are spectacular, your jewelry is divine….but you still haven’t figured out what to do about your makeup?!

One of the biggest debates is should you DIY your wedding day makeup or pay someone else to apply it for you? On one hand you’ll be saving money but on the other…you may risk looking like a not so hot. (Frankly, either option can be fabulous or disastrous.)

Soooo….Let’s play the YES and NO game together to figure out what you should do. Remember girls: Answer honestly!! (Yes: 1 point – No: 2 points)

1. I never leave the house without perfectly blended makeup!

not so much.

Musical genius: perhaps. Award-winning cosmetologist: not so much.

2. My friends usually ask me for makeup application tips.

Keep the free spirit, Kelly...but loose the "panda" look.

Keep your free spirit...loose the "panda" look.

3. People often compliment me on my lipstick and eye-shadow color combination.

At her age and status you can get away with a lot...but seriously? C'mon Betsy!

4. My foundation and blush always look natural.

Sienna gets burned using her "burnt sienna" bronzer. Irony?

Scored 4-5: Girl, you always look effortlessly glowing. People envy you for your stunning natural beauty (even though both of us know that complexion is anything but ‘natural’ – but don’t worry we know how to keep a secret)

Scored 6-8: Please do us all a favor and DO NOT do your own makeup. You risk not only utter embarrassment but you may end up permanently featured on

All jokes aside: whether you’re doing your own makeup or not make sure you do several trial runs. Schedule ahead so you can get a late afternoon appointment and then you can go straight to meet your girlfriends for happy hour to get their opinions as well.

Pay attention to how it wears throughout the evening, and if you really want to give it a test….get yourself worked up into a good sobbing cry, then find over 100 people to hug you and kiss your cheek, then dance for 3 hours straight. If you still look presentable…you have a winner! Just kidding. But, do wear it for a few hours and check how it looks later in the evening.

Also, be sure to take pictures at each trial. This way you’ll know how well your colors/style photograph. Some foundations actually contain elements that refract light, which means that anytime someone snaps you with a flash you’ll end up looking like Casper the friendly bride.

Need some new makeup tips? Check out this great website for tips, tricks, and trends: