Trending Wedding

Posted by pear on Apr 25, 2012

Are you a trend-er? Do you like to know what is current and display that in your wedding style? Or do you like to avoid the trends?

Either way you slice it, you may end up following a trend by accident. When I first began perusing wedding blogs, magazines, and books, I had no idea what I would want for my wedding. John’s main criteria were: awesome and cheap. I prefer the term inexpensive. I, by no means, want a cheap looking wedding.

I digress. Wedding blogs and other sources are the place to begin gathering ideas for your wedding… and ultimately your wedding style. All of these sources, however, create a disjointed idea of what a wedding will look like because they are completely stylized from head to toe. They are gorgeous for this very reason, but can cause a problem – a money problem, to be exact. My idea list grew and grew and grew. I began creating ideas in my head that ended up being realized in other couple’s weddings.

Trending beach wedding with bright colors.

I could not control my urges to have a beautifully creative wedding (John and I are both art folks, after all). The list became undo-able. Please see our sad budget post. We had to get real, and really fast.

Trending whimsical wedding full of character.

Trending bold green and black wedding.

Trending bright purple and yellow wedding.

Sometimes you want to avoid the trends and go with something classic. It’s not a safe choice, it’s a smart choice. It means that your wedding will never look dated. Your kids won’t look back at your wedding photos and laugh at your choice of colors or style.

Classic trending wedding.

We, however, are daring to employ the ever overused yellow and gray wedding style from about 2010 to fall of 2011. The trend is over. So now we will jump on that bandwagon… extremely late. We have no shame, my friends.

Old trending wedding with gray and yellow.

Yes, please! The idea of gray and yellow for a wedding is so gorgeous, I could just die! But I won’t because our wedding is September 15, 2012, and I can’t miss it!

Go with your style gut, my darlings, even if it means you repeat a style from a few years ago. I will make this statement in every post I ever make: It is your wedding! Happy planning.