Trash the Dress and Have It, Too

Posted by sconant on Jan 26, 2009
photo credit: Bobbi and Mike Photography

photo credit: Bobbi and Mike Photography

“Trash the dress” wedding photography features unusual shots such as the bride and groom jumping into a pool or the bride lounging under a waterfall.  It’s one way to “personalize” your wedding (especially if you are feeling a little rebellious about observing having to observe all those wedding-day traditions) because you are limited only by your own or your photographer’s imagination.

You might be a bride who looks forward to your trash-the-dress photography session, but even if you would never even think about putting your beautiful gown at risk,  you should know that–with one exception–I have never seen anything in any of these photos that cannot be fixed.  The exception was a photo of a burning veil, which I certainly hope was computer-generated because fire would put you at risk, too!

Whether you plan to trash your dress on purpose or just have the bad luck to be married on a very wet day, a good cleaner CAN safely remove the effects of water, mud, red wine and other stains.  Two things to keep in mind: 1) the longer you leave your gown untreated, the harder it is to remove stains successfully; and 2) there are cleaners who specialize in wedding gowns.  You may want to do some research before your wedding day so you have a good resource when you need it.

And if you are planning a destination wedding on a sandy beach, do remember to shake off the sand and let your gown dry before you pack to go home!