Tradition: A Real Jewish Wedding at the Highlawn Pavilion

Posted by aruchaevsky on Dec 27, 2012

With the winter months already upon us and the engagement season in full swing, it will not be long before a new wave of newly engaged couples will begin their search for the perfect wedding location.

With many traditional Jewish weddings, the ceremony and reception often take place in the same location, making the ceremony option much greater.
As the spring months approach, many couples will be looking to take advantage of the perfectly tempered, spring months enjoyed in the North East.

The Highlawn Pavilion is a perfect location for any wedding and offers a spectacular backdrop for an outdoor ceremony that has sweeping views.

A traditional Jewish wedding will always begin with what may appear as some confusion, as close family members, and the bride and groom converge on the Ketubah, a contract of marriage, often beautifully designed and must be signed by two witnesses.

Followed by a traditional Jewish ceremony and lead by the Rabbi under the Chuppah, the ceremony concludes with the breaking of the glass, which has a grey origin, but is believed to represent the joy which must always be tempered.

In many traditional Jewish weddings the reception will have a Kosher dinner menu and begin with the prayer for Challah (bread) and wine. Contemporary Jewish weddings provide a Kosher meal for those guests, who may require one and offer other guest the opportunity to sample the wide variety of collectable’s offered by the Highlawn Pavilion.

With a few rounds of the Hora, a traditional Jewish dance, in which the bride and groom are lifted in chairs while the band fires out this traditional song hear at every Jewish wedding.

From beautiful staircases to perfectly groomed grounds and perfect for the spring months, the Highlawn has an abundance of scenic backdrops for stunning wedding images.

We always want to thank our couple, Randy and Michael, for the opportunity to capture your wedding and the Highlawn Pavilion for their continued effort in maintaining such a beautiful location.

Photographer: Kevin (Abacus Wedding Studios)