Photo: The Bird & The Bear Photography & Films 

Part of the fun of planning your wedding is truly making the day your own. All too often couples get caught up in following “the rules” of wedding planning and end up with an event that feels cookie-cutter. Our advice: if a wedding tradition doesn’t feel right to you, skip it! Here are our top 10 traditions that you can totally skip on your wedding day. You don’t have to…

  1. Wear a white dress (or a veil!)

  2. Have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen (or have a wedding party at all!)

  3. Toss the bouquet or garter

  4. Wear something old, new, borrowed, or blue

  5. Have a receiving line

  6. Write your own vows

  7. Have your dad (or anyone!) give you away

  8. Waiting until the ceremony to see each other

  9. Have a first dance

  10. Seat the bride’s side and groom’s side separately

Which wedding traditions are you skipping on your wedding day? Which traditions are you planning on keeping?