5 Posing Tips To Flatter Your Figure

Posted by Caitlin on Aug 29, 2013

By: Leeor Pilo


Photo: Katelyn James Photography

Everybody wants to look fab on their wedding day, and let’s face it, it’s the one day in your life where you’ll be photographed the most! To avoid looking back at your wedding pictures with dread, we’ve collected the 5 best tips to keep you looking picture perfect.

Shift Your Weight – Never distribute your weight evenly on your feet, this creates a stocky look that can be unflattering for women. Instead, shift your weight, leaning with your hip to one side to complement the natural curvature of your body. To accentuate this curve, gently tilt your head to the side for a demure look.

The Knee Pop – If you find yourself standing to the side when you’re posing with your bridal party or during other group photos, angle your body at a ¾ angle facing the camera with your front knee popped. This goes back to the weight-shifting rule and will keep you looking lean in your photos.

The Skinny Arm – Show off those shoulders by placing your hands on your hips and bowing your elbows out. This is a surefire way to keep arms looking svelte in photos, even if you haven’t been going to the gym! If you’re posing with your bouquet, clasp both hands around it and keep arms slightly bent in front of you. Pressing your arms against your body can make them appear bigger than they are so keep them in a relaxed position.

Head, Neck & Shoulders – When you smile for the camera, allow your head to bow down and look up at the lens. This angle is very flattering as it accentuates the jawline and avoids creating a double-chin. Complete this pose with your shoulders back and your neck long for a favorable photo.

Don’t Forget to Smile! – The most important thing you can do for your looks in front of the camera is to be natural. Relax! Have fun and goof off with your spouse. Bare those pearly whites and smile! Your wedding day is all about the two of you, and the love you share, so be candid and allow the camera to capture your best moments.