To Give and To Get, To Have and To Hold Christmas 2012

Posted by mmaxfield on Dec 20, 2012

Christmas fairies by Mark Roberts take flight to inspire your 2012 gift giving. Photo: Marjorie Maxfield

Christmas! Engaged!

Never was there such a wondrous match made in Heaven!

So, what’s a bride and groom to-be to give each other this Christmas?

To scan the Internet, one would think that anything with an “i” in front of it is the ticket. To sweep through the big department stores in NYC with their aisles and windows transformed as vignettes of purely magical, or in your hometown store with sparkle plenty, we find ourselves crossing over into a creative and practical gift giving mode, and that is where we want to be!

So, with little more fanfare, my list as a national etiquette expert and gifts, apparel and stationery retailer , a list for your perusal:

To Give and To Get: The Groom!

5. A faux croc leather journal with spiral insert book, gold edged, perforated pages. Black, brown, or deep oceanic navy from Graphic Image. Why? To organize lists and his thoughts. A hard copy of what he needs to do, pre-wedding. Also a proper and stunning book to bring to VP meetings as he makes his way up the corporate ladder.

4. Running shoes. A sneak peek into his closet will reveal his most worn, thus most treasured pair. With that in mind go and get the next version for under the tree. He mat be wanting to run off a few extra Yule pounds, or hike through the switchbacks of Colorado.

Brands of du jour? Asics, Montrail, Nike, K-Swiss and Oboz. However, on the other hand, your groom-to-be might think your giving him the running shoes is a not so subtle nod to reduce those love handles. Maybe run on to the next gift idea!

3. Cologne. The scent that drove you crazy–good or bad– as his date, can now be replenished, or subtly replaced . What to choose? Bond No. 9 or Chanel Allure Homme, perhaps.What notes does he prefer in a cologne? musky, slightly floral? Keep your selection in those scents.

2. Frame. Frame! Yes, a silver plate 5×7 frame with a very thin border, or a bit wider with a little trim.  California-based Tizo is well priced and looks like Tiffany Silver. Get two, one for him and one for you, with you favorite formal photo for your bureau.

1. Dog! Yes, start your family early. Might as well break in your new family member while you have time. Labs and Bull terriers–remember the Target dog, and General Patton’s dog?– great pets. Since the male of the household usually turns out to be the alpha dog, then why not have your new canine be trained by him!

To Give and To Get: The Bride

5. Mad money. A euphemism for some cash that you can spend anyway you want to. No strings!  With this in purse, you can make a mad dash to the make up counter for a winter re-do; or, to slip away for a rainy day.

4. Headphones. On ear. In ear. Over ear: Beats by Dr. dre is the fashion icon and darling companion of leading ladies of LA. In ear, Klipsch and Bose, personal favorites. However, dogs like the ear buds as tasty treats. Get an extra pair. Headphone blocks out extraneous noise, conversations; provides energizing or soothing music. Get my drift?

3. Athletic gear. For running errands, running a 5K, or running is not in her vocabulary, or  she wants to look the part. The perfect trio: VJacket, cross back tank and ankle zip pants.

2. Jewelry. Check your checkbook, and select an understated pair of earrings, or bracelets worn as a threesome. What women does not love jewelry, especially from the one she loves?

1. Well, if you are marrying her, you must know what she really wants this Christmas! No crystal ball needed here.

At last, to have and to hold. There are some gifts that are from the heart, to have and to hold. Timeless. Treasured and remembered for years to come. Be sure this gift from the heart is also under her Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas,

Marjorie Maxfield

P.S. What’s on your list? Let me know your top five.