To Bag or Not to Bag

Posted by sconant on Apr 24, 2009
photo credit: Jennifer Echols

photo credit: Jennifer Echols

Bridal shops send your gown home with you in a bag, and that’s just fine.  But should you leave your gown in the bag after you get home?  Probably not.  Unless you have absolutely no place to hang the gown where it will be safe from pets and children, better take your gown out of the bag so that it does not wrinkle.  If it will be several days or weeks before the wedding, you can protect your gown by covering it with a clean sheet.

A bag is fine if you are traveling by car to your wedding in another city but if you are flying, chances are the airline will not let you take a bag on board with you.  Check with the airline ahead of time.  Then if you cannot take a bag on board, you can decide whether to carry your gown with you in something that fits into overhead storage, check it as luggage, or ship it via UPS or FedEx.

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