The Weddings I Haven’t Attended

Posted by lilac on Sep 09, 2010

Ever since becoming engaged I’ve noticed that a lot of people like to tell me about weddings.

When my good friend sent me a picture of the beautiful cake at a wedding she attended, I felt like I had a double standard. I wanted to see the cake, I liked that she thought of me, and I enjoyed listening to her tell me about the wedding. When Lilac Dude handed me a fan program that his family’s neighbor brought over for us I got a little annoyed. She wanted to show us something that she thought was a neat idea, just in case it was something we’d be interested in. Fans are not a new idea, duh I’m a bride I already know about fan programs.

From the Bridal Buds Gallery

Then it dawned on me. It’s not that people are sharing wedding things with us that annoys me, it’s who. Everyone wants to help us, they want us to get ideas from other couples’ weddings.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the ideas that people are sharing with me, and I wonder if they expect to see the same things at our wedding that they see at other weddings.