The Ultimate Summer Beauty Guide

Posted by vstiles on Jul 14, 2009

Washingtonian Summer Beauty GuideGigi Anders, the popular author of books Little Pink Raincoat and Be Pretty, Get Married, and Always Drink Tab, dropped me a line on a sunny day in May to interview me for Best Face Forward, her upcoming summer beauty article in Washingtonian Magazine.  Thrilled at the opportunity to interview with such a talented writer for the popular publication, I gathered information relating to makeup to beat the summer heat to tips and tricks on how to make color last during these sweltering days!  Gigi and I gabbed for over 3 hours on skin and makeup!  Before I knew it, she got me to spill the beans on my top go-to brands for foundation to liquid eye liner that lasts!  My advice was part of a larger article, by Anders, which covered skin care advice from top Dermatologists in Washington DC.

I know the Washingtonian may not be available to everyone, but I had to share this ultimate guide to skin and makeup!  This 8 page article covers cleansers, exfoliators, eye cream, UV protections, moisturizers, masks, hand cream, bronzers, primers, foundation, products to maintain makeup, eye shadow and liner, blush, and finally, lips!

Check out this link for the article.  Click the image to enlarge.

Washingtonian Summer Beauty Article July 2009


Victoria Stiles