The Newest Bud in the Bunch – Strawberry Bud!

Posted by strawberry on Jan 11, 2013

Hello, everyone! I am so excited to be documenting and sharing my journey with all of you! My wedding is in less than 5 months, and the countdown is really on now!

Me with the other love of my life Pumpkin

A little bit about me:

I am a sassy southern girl, who loves all things rustic and colorful. I am planning a rustic wedding, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think! I have been engaged for about 4 months now to the most wonderful man (Strawberry Dude or SD).  Planning our wedding has brought us closer and has also made me realize what I wanted out of my wedding. It is not what I had expected all along. I had always thought I would be a really traditional bride with white card stock invitations that were with embossed/letter pressed black script font, tuxes for the guys, a huge dress for me with my hair up and 3.5 bridesmaids etc. Until I actually got engaged and started planning, I had assumed this would be my wedding. Well, I have taken a totally different approach planning my actual wedding, and I owe it all to my fiance. Being with him has made me realize what is actually us and how our wedding should be a reflection of who we are and not the image I had in my head of all of the formal weddings I had attended as a child!

Where did we meet: 

Strawberry Dude and I met while working at the Walt Disney World Resort. I know totally magical, right? Anyway, we were friends for about six weeks before we went on our first date, which consisted of a day of park hopping! SD and I have a pretty awesome “how we met” story, and we enjoy visiting our old stomping ground when we can to relive some of those memories that are near and dear to us!

How he popped the question:

I was totally surprised! After dinner SD asked if I wanted to go out for frozen yogurt (which I would never turn down that chance). We went for a drive through the college campus that I work at and all of the sudden a band of deer bounded across the road in front of our car. He asked if I wanted to get out so we could try to see them, but it was so dark we didn’t see anything. I went to get back in the car, but he said he had a present for me and opened the trunk of the car. In the trunk, was a framed mosaic picture of the two of us. I was floored and asked what it was. He replied with, “this picture is composed of over 3,000 pictures of the 3.5 years of our relationship.” As I was bent over the trunk examining this he said, “There are a lot of great memories in that picture, huh?” When I turned around, he was on one knee and said, “Do you want to make some more memories?” It was perfect!

I hope you will come along with me in this journey from 20-something singleton to married woman! I am so very excited to be here!