The Color of 2010!

Posted by csancho on Jan 14, 2010

Turquoise for 2010 Weddings

As you might have already been noticing, the hott color for 2010 weddings is TURQUOISE!  It is such a fun and vibrant color and will be sure to add some spice to your wedding!

The turquoise color goes great with bright oranges and deep browns.  I’ve actually been noticing how surprisingly well it looks with a variety of different colors.  Reds, deep purples, violets, light yellows, oranges, and browns all compliment the turquoise quite well.  Turquoise is also a really great beach themed wedding color.  It looks fantastic against the pale sand and the deep blue ocean.

Of course you do not want to overdue the use of turquoise in your wedding.  A good idea would be to pick a few items such as maybe table cloths, seating decor, candles, flowers, invitations, flowers, jewelry, or bridesmaids dresses, and use these select items to incorporate the new 2010 turquoise into your wedding!