The Best Hairstyle for You: Heart Shaped Faces…

Posted by jnorrie on Oct 29, 2010

Heart Face Drawing

hair and makeup by: Christine, Wedding Tresses, Photo credit: Meg Baisden

While the goal is always to create an illusion of an oval appearance I have to say this is one of the more romantic face shapes for a woman and with a smidgen of attention can carry a multitude of hair styles.

The tell-tale characteristics of the Heart shaped bone structure are the wide forehead, dramatic cheek bones and a narrow jawline and chin – think Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Most Heart shapes also have a well defined widow’s peak (the ‘v’ portion of the hairline along the forehead).

Our goal here is to minimize the top and emphasize the bottom – in other word’s let’s visually shrink the forehead while building width at the jawline – we want to give fullness where it is lacking.  How do we do that?  

The top half of the head is already wide enough. Keeping that in mind, when wearing updos, downdos or any ‘do’ without bangs  you will want to keep styles lower on the top and thinner on the sides with fullness below the ears ~ this achieves a balance between the dramatic cheek bones and the narJennifer Lover Hewitt, heart shaped facerower chin.  With all styles for our Heart-y girls, too much height on top will give an illusion of an even looonger narrower chin; this is not the most appealing look~ simply add green face makeup and voila! instant Halloween Witch.  (Sorry couldn’t resist that comparison with Halloween just days away!)  If bangs are a go to for you – sweep them of to the side.  This will minimize top width and doesn’t visually cut off your face at the widest point – the temple and cheek bone.

For this girl- the side swept pony or messy bun, a full luscious wide but low bun that can be seen from the front, or a half down style that is thin above the ear and bursting with fullness below are the most flattering styles to be worn.  Gorge to the Max!

Hair and Makeup by Wedding Tresses and Jacki Norrie

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts:

Do keep the top low and close to the head

Don’t wear slicked back or sever styles

Do keep your sides close

Don’t wear top heavy updos

Do wear a side swept bang or no bang at all

Do have lots of volume below the chin with all styles


Let me know your thoughts!!  Jacki Norrie