Meet the BridalBuds: Rose Bud

Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 23, 2009


We met met April 14, 2007. For me, it was love at first sight. As she entered the over 40s single lesbian dinner (we are both under 30), where I was clearly out of place amidst the bitter bunch, I said to myself, “She’s going to be my next girlfriend.” She was flustered, rushing in about 45 minutes late, but she was absolutely beautiful.I can’t remember exactly what she was wearing, but her smile lit up the room.Yep, it was over, I was in love.

We introduced ourselves, I shook her hand, and she said to me, “Nice handshake.” I, being the nerdy CPA that I am, could only muster up saying, “It’s the first thing I learned in business school.” I thought for sure she thought I was a big dork and I’d never see her again. Lucky for me, she’s really into dorks.

By the end of the night, we had gone to the movies and exchanged numbers. The rest is history. We moved in together 9 months later, got engaged in July 2008, and set the wedding date in December!

Rose Budette is a wonderful, spirited person who really enjoys life. She is perpetually optimistic, and always seems to find the positive in any situation. She’s my rock, and I couldn’t do life without her.

I’m Rose Bud. I am a busy entrepreneur who tends to try and fit too much into my day. I am an analytical person, I tend to have a calculator wherever I go, and I like to solve issues. Planning a wedding should be right up my alley……I hope!